About Me

Who am I?

I am a software developer who is keen on learning about new technologies. I am currently in search of new work opportunities with challenge and responsibility.


I am situated in Thunder Bay, Ontario, which is a small lake city in the middle of nowhere.


I am a full stack developer, who has developed applications in several languages. I'm interested in upcoming trends, while maintaining a desire to keep things simple.

The language that I am the most proficient in is Python, but I have dabbled with several hobby languages. The current love of my life is Clojure / Clojurescript, and a love triangle has been forming with Rust.


I currently hold a Electrical Technologists Diploma, which I obtained at Lakehead University after two years of attendance. I have also taken three and a half years in Electrical Engineering, where I obtained an 80% GPA. I stopped attending due to unforeseen circumstances.

Throughout my studies at Lakehead, I developed the necessary skills to become proficient in software development. Most of this knowledge was obtained through my four year attendance as a Research Assistant at the Thunder Bay Regional Research Institute. Through the guidance of Dr. Samuel Pichardo, I helped to co-author two research publications.

I have been grateful to work at several blooming and well-founded tech companies within the Thunder Bay community, which have also shaped my ever growing education within the software development community.

Work Experience

I have over 9 years of software development experience. For a better breakdown of my experience, please check out my LinkedIn Page or my Github Page.